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Welcome to Inta Dental Studio. High quality aesthetics, happy patients.

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We are Inta Dental Studio. Based in Dublin 15, with 27 years of experience in the field of Dental Technology. We believe in quality, happy patients and most importantly, communication between lab and practice.

– Dermot Keenan, Inta Dental Studio

We Believe in Quality

We specialize in implant restorative cases and also accommodate all crown/bridge demands of the modern practice. We currently run with work flows in Sirona, itero, Procera, and 3shape. With a 5 axis milling machine which delivers on all necessary demands.

Our Dental Products

We are a full service laboratory offering multiple dental restorative solutions. Take a look at some of the flagship products we use.

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If your interested in quality and high quality aesthetics for your patients, look no further than Inta Dental Studio which is Devoted to dentistry and happy patients. Feel free to call. Even to have a chat on 0861720223 or email us on